Monday, April 4, 2016

Don't Rate That lyrics - David Dallas

I don't rate that
I don't really rate that
Take that how you wanna take that
(Get your pay snatched or your face cracked
When you tryna hear it you can save that)

Man, I don't rate that
I don't really rate that
Take that how you wanna take that
(Snake cats slay the same tracks
Fuck up outta here you better make tracks)

[Verse 1:]
Cause of where I'm raised at
Single parent household
Two seven eight cat
I don't really take naps
Tryna get it ASAP
Cause we with the bourgeois shit
I wouldn't trade that
Wish that I could aim at these finance companies in the hood
Posing like they doing something good
Fuck outta here
Always putting more brown people on the ads
Knowing damn well they tryna trick us out of cash
Sports stars front the campaigns, ain't it sad
Really selling out, do they understand?
We don't rate that shit
I'm coming with the ace real quick
Do it big time like my breakthrough clip
Never been on that only god can save you tip
If I could tell the kids one thing, tell 'em
See the world, book a flight
It might just change you quick
What you read don't make you shit
What you do does
And it's all about crew love
Never rated dudes that forget where they grew up
All we do is do us
Ain't from the States
Ain't from the trap or the bando
I'm from a place where they got tinny houses
On plain wooden fences and white gates
None of my mates went for holidays beside lakes
Got an issue with what I say?


[Verse 2:]
James Brown for the payback
Sean Combs saying take that
I turn the tables like A-Trak
Don't think it's cool cause it ain't that
You picked wrong AK cat
To talk about race jack
Sick of hearing how you hate that
They buying everything that ain't tax
Blame it on the Chinese
Say it's foreign buyers
But if a Brit buys up
You don't bat an eyelid
Fuckin' wilin'
Could be third-generation migrants
But we out here ticking up on last names
What's next? Gonna check what shape their eyes is?
To tell the truth it probably wouldn't be surprising
Seem to have an issue with what the country comprises
Xenophobes on the rise and
I don't rate that shit
Need another place real quick
To get the truth now
Cause the mainstream news
Is some matrix shit
Happy-go-lucky clickbait
Seeing spin every which way
Like I played Nadal on the red clay
Don't nobody care long as their rent's paid
A lot of faux outrage
Get forgot about the next day
People speak on it before they press play
That's the shit that I hate
Running off your mouth when [?]
Frontin' like that should be the norm



(Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off...)